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Diamond Club Bar

Great hotels have great bars, period.


Embassy Suites, just a block off Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs, contains The Diamond Club at Embassy Suites and its spacious bar and restaurant. 


Saratoga's best happy hour occurs daily from

11:30 am - 7:00 pm


Our award-winning wine list and extensive spirits list reside in a very inviting, mature atmosphere.  Couple that with off street parking and live music, there is no better place to start, end or spend the evening.  The energy is palpable, the libations exquisite and the service friendly.  It is a bar for locals where all of Saratoga meets the world.


What is better when traveling than to get immersed in the charm of the local culture and its people.  The Diamond Club at Embassy - we will have your drink ready and waiting.

View our Award Winning Wine Menu here.

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